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Inter-connectivity and growth for the next five years.

Students in front of the 在线澳门赌博网站老品牌网站 student center

Dr. Andy Bowne

Dear Cavaliers and Friends of 在线澳门赌博网站老品牌网站,

Over the past year, the 在线澳门赌博网站老品牌网站 and broader community has come together to develop a strategic plan intended to guide the College over the next five years. Together we have developed a plan that should bring out the best in us, the best in our students and alumni, and therefore serve our communities with the excellence.

This plan focuses on four key goals: 1) student success; 2) strategic community partnerships; 3) diversity, equity, and inclusion; and 4) employee engagement. The work to achieve these goals should result in fulfilling our mission that “inspires learning to transform lives and strengthen communities” and in reaching for our vision of being “an innovative leader in equitable student access, learning and success”.

Developing the plan has taken a great deal of effort, engaging our faculty, staff, students, and community throughout the planning cycle. Getting to this point is reason to celebrate. And yet, the hard work of implementing our plan, of evaluating its effectiveness, and of seeing the impact on our students and community is what lies ahead. As you read the plan, and the updates along the way, I hope it drives you to want to join us in becoming the excellent community college our students and community expect and deserve.

With gratitude,

Andy Bowne, Ed.D.